Local Gym gets 2600+ clicks to call via their TouchCall Number and increase membership by 10%!

"As a Local Gym we depend on our Facebook Content to get new members. We do not have a website were people can sign up too. We want to get fans to call us from our Social Media Posts and TouchCall makes it super convenient for fans to do this. 

The fact that we can track the performance of our Facebook posts is great from a R.O.I. standpoint too. 

Since integrating TouchCall link into all our social media we've seen increase in enquiries and memberships. 

The link has been clicked over 2,600 times in 2 months and our membership is up 10%. Facebook Marketing learned in TouchCall University have been terrific too!"

Aaron Smiley, Owner, The Training Hub, Cloughmills, Northern Ireland.


TouchCall Activity Stats since May 2016

Clicks to Phone via mobile device: 

2,614 Clicks to Call

Private Facebook Conversation via Laptop:  

164 Clicks to Open Private Facebook Conversation

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Your Business's TouchCall Link

If someone clicks from a Phone they calls your business. If someone clicks it from a Laptop they open up your website's contact page or a private Facebook Conversation.

Bonus 1: Analytics & Email Reporting (RRP £97)

Need to justify social media spend?Log in and track how many calls your social media posts have generated.

Bonus 2: Facebook Marketing Course using just your Smartphone! (RRP £395)

Struggling with FB Adverts? We have 10,000 hours experience and generated over £1million for over 60 businesses from Facebook. We wants to share that knowledge with you with over 20 video tutorials.

Bonus 3: Social Media Marketing 20 Day Bootcamp! (RRP £97)

As soon as you sign up you are enrolled into a series of 20 tutorials over 20 days to leap frog your competitors. 
"Phone numbers are not clickable on Social Media Posts. TouchCall Numbers are. We track them too! Increase your sales CONVERSIONS through CONVENIENCE" - Peter McNicholl (Co-Founder)