Do your customers always forget to give you a Facebook Recommendations, Google or TripAdvisor Reviews when they leave your premises?

Do you want more Facebook Recommendations, Google or TripAdvisor Reviews from your Customers?

ReviewHub lets them leave you a Review/Reccomendation by 
simply hovering/scanning their phone! 
  •   Fully Branded with your business.
  •    Does not need a power supply unit.
  •  Reporting software and email notification for management
  •  Detachable from stand and can be brought anywhere (Trade Shows, Home Visits etc...)
  •  Works with both Android and Apple Phones. No need for users to download an App!
Advantage #1
Only the EXCELLENT Reviews go online
ReviewHub amplifies Excellent guest experiences on social media platform but only allows managers to see negative ones.
If guest gives 1, 2 or 3 Star Review ReviewHub sends customer to private survey.
This survey discovers the problem with their experience. Managers are immediately in sent the survey by email so they can resole the problem before the customer vents online and negatively impacts the brands online reputation.  
If customer gives a 4 or 5 Star - ReviewHub encourages guests to give Facebook Review or Google Reviews!
Why Facebook Reviews? When a customer gives you a Facebook Review, all of their friends get a notification of that experience. The average Facebook User has 155 friends. 
Why Google Reviews? Increase your potential of landing higher in google searches.
Advantage #2
Power of a Facebook Recommendation!
When a customer gives you a Facebook Recommendation, all of their friends get a notification of that experience. The average Facebook User has 155 friends.

58% of Facebook users said that the experiences of friends and family at a destination have encouraged them to visit a place they hadn't previously considered (Official Facebook Survey of 3,000 People, 2017),

Advantage #3
Email Notifications to your management team

Every time someone interacts with your ReviewHub you management team will get a notifications summarising the experience.

No need for administrating comment cards filled in with Pen and Paper. 

Giving you an insight into customer experience inside you business whether you are in it or away on holiday or working offsite. 
Advantage #4
Find out what advertising channels are capturing your customers best!

Do you run adverts and promotions on multiple advertising channels? Newspapers, Magazines, Facebook, Instagram, Tradeshows, Snapchat etc.. are you unsure of which ones are working and not working?

ReviewHub can ask and record each customers response to where they heard of your business. This can allow you to adjust and optimise your marketing budget.

Every email notification will let you know where the guest seen your advertising convincing them to become a buyer. If you would like to see your analytics in graph form we can set this up for an additional fee (Optional).

Success Stories
White Moose Cafe (Dublin)
350 x 5Star Facebook Reviews in 180 Days.

The Valley Hotel (Fivemiletown)
283 x 5Star Facebook Reviews in 180 Days

Havana Bank Square (Belfast)
221 x 5Star Facebook Reviews in 180 Days 

Gowdys of Down Royal (Lisburn) 
30 x 5Star Facebook Reviews in 16 Days.

LaDeDi Boutique (Draperstown) 
14 x 5Star Facebook Reviews in 10 Days.

His and Her Beauty
35 x 5Star Facebook Reviews in 14 Days.

Top of the Town
180 x 5Star Facebook Reviews in 90 Days.

Wireless Phone Repair
60 x 5Star Facebook Reviews in 30 Days.

Who else has ReviewHub?
Over 140 Businesses have installed ReviewHub in the past 5 months!
How Much? 
£15 per month 
12 Month Contract 
Fully Branded with Email Notifications and Adjustable Mount Stand.
(20% Discount if paid annually)
Includes £30 Set Up & Shipping Fee

Need more than one ReviewHub? We offer packages for multiple ReviewHubs for one location. Please email.
Order Yours Today! 
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